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    Our Story

    Nashville's legacy was born Christmas Day 1779 and April 24, 1780 as a new settlement of Nashborough building its foundation on the west banks of the Cumberland River. We were initially named after General Francis Nash, a decorated Revolutionary War veteran. Sixty pioneering families were united after two separate parties travelled thousand-mile journeys on foot, horseback and boat, surviving attacks from indigenous tribes and much hardship. Ten short years later we were given the perpetual title Nashville, and in 1796, our state was admitted as the 16th addition to the Union. Year 1812 brought a War of its own and the official nickname for Tennessee - the "Volunteer State" - an affectionate illustration given when hundreds more soldiers were sent to the frontlines than originally asked. We were declared the capital of Tennessee in 1843, but we began earning our own monikers nearly two decades in advance: Music City, Buckle of the Bible Belt and Athens of the South. All of these are still happily rendered today.

    Nashville's Top 10 Neighborhoods

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    • Belle Meade

      • Belle Meade, located just 5 minutes from downtown off Broadway/West End Avenue, has immediate access to Interstate 24, Interstate 440 and its competitive neighbor, Green Hills. It's a true Nashville jewel! Escape to a classy and trendy spot where impressive mansions are built on vast grounds of former 19th century plantations and fine crop ranches.
      • Median Home Price: $660k
    • Green Hills

      • Green Hills is just 5 minutes directly south of downtown Nashville. Upscale shopping, local and family owned restaurants, and affluent residential areas currently define this suburban enclave. Staying ontop of modern times rather than keeping themselves in the past, Green Hills is considered to be a lively, desirable spot for families and nightlife alike among Nashvillians.
      • Median Home Price: $460k
    • Hillsboro Village

      • Commonly known as 'The Village', this is one of Nashville's few remaining collection of merchants. Fresh brewed beer, organic and fair traded coffee, artisan breads, delicious pastries, specialty stores... you name it, chances are it's locally produced, owned and sold right here!
      • Median Home Price: $280k
    • West End

      • When we shift left of Hillsboro Village and north of Green Hills and Belle Meade, it's legendary West End. This is one of Nashville's oldest areas, and the largest private employer of Tennessee occupies most of its acreage: Vanderbilt University. A college town equals several key attributes: intelligence, tradition and lots of diversity!
      • Median Home Price: $460k
    • Downtown Nashville

      • Downtown Nashville is an extremely vibrant and progressive hub for a Southern city, while minding its manners of course. There's countless live music venues, honky-tonk bars, recreational opportunities, exciting attractions, notorious restaurants - it's an entertainment galore. Viva Nashvegas!
      • Median Home Price: $885k
    • Germantown

      • A few blocks northwest of buzzing Downtown is the charming and historic district of Germantown. Named after the European immigrants who first settled here in the mid-19th century, today it's one of the city's most architecturally heterogeneous neighborhoods with a significant concentration on Victorian building styles.
      • Median Home Price: $98k
    • East Nashville

      • Directly across the Cumberland River from Downtown is a relaxed enclave of local bars, fresh restaurants, coffeehouses and funky boutiques. This is East Nashville, our Little Brooklyn. It's a community notoriously known as being culturally diverse and socially involved, notably for minority groups, regional merchants and environmental projects!
      • Median Home Price: $250k
    • Antioch

      • The southestern Nashville town has become the MECCA of affordable housing, which makes it an ideal place to build a kingdom for humble folks. There are dozens of employment opportunities nearby, as this once rural community is now only minutes from Downtown, East Nashville and Brentwood!
      • Median Home Price: $390k
    • Brentwood

      • Urbanities decry its stretches of planned housing as soulless, but ask ANY Brentwoodian: the people are nice, the streets are safe, the housing stock is newer, and the public middle and high schools may as well be private. Known for its antebellum mansions, classy restaurants and gorgeous horse farms, the Brentwood is located just 15 minutes south of Downtown Nashville with Franklin as its southern neighbor.
      • Median Home Price: $437k
    • Franklin

      • Franklin is where you will receive a hospitable dose of the Great American Main Street experience and plenty of chances to explore history, dine and shop. It's located 20-25 minutes directly south of Downtown Nashville, with immediate access to Interstate 65. There's plenty to see, do, and if you love music, chances are super stars could - in all honesty - be living next door!
      • Median Home Price: $308k

    Additional Areas

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    • Ashland City

      • Home to Syndey's Bluff and Cheatham Lock & Dam, Ashland City was officially incorporated in 1859. The town was either named after Henry Clay's estate Ashland or by an act of the General Assembly of Tennessee in 1859 - when the city was incorporated - who were inspired by the ash trees in the area. Originally called Ashland, "City" was added to the name after its incorporation.
      • Median Home Price: $150k
    • Bethpage

      • Bethpage is a suburb of Gallatin and an unincorporated community in Sumner County, Tennessee. Nearly 20-25 minutes from the center of downtown, the closest interstate is I-65. There are little entertainment options but if you enjoy the peace and quiet of the country then this may be the place for you.
      • Median Home Price: $208k
    • Gallatin

      • Gallatin was established in 1802. The town was named after Albert Gallatin, Secretary of Treasury to presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. In 1815, the town was first incorporated and built around an open square.
      • Median Home Price: $196k
    • Goodlettsville

      • Goodlettsville was incorporated in 1958 with a population of just over 3,000 residents; at the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 15,921. Goodlettsville chose to remain autonomous in 1963 when the city of Nashville merged with the government of Davidson County. Therefore, Goodlettsville is only governed by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County in a limited manner.
      • Median Home Price: $208k
    • Hendersonville

      • As one of the fastest growing communities in Tennessee, Hendersonville offers great opportunities for everyone. With higher than average household incomes, Hendersonville is the home of a highly educated and affluent citizenry and is known throughout the state as one of the finest places to live, work, and play.
      • Median Home Price: $244k
    • Lebanon

      • The local cedar trees gave the place its name, Lebanon, a reminder of the Biblical land of the cedars. On Nov. 23, 1819, the City of Lebanon was officially incorporated. Originally called "one of the prettiest of Tennessee's country towns", it became a center of commerce, culture and education.
      • Median Home Price: $190k
    • Leiper's Fork

      • Today, Leipers Fork is the area of choice for families wanting to experience an authentic, breathing village near Nashville and Franklin; it's full of bright characters who will delight and charm you with their stories of daily life. Leiper's Fork is a Registered National Historic District and contains some of the few remaining examples of late 19th century architecture once characteristic of a previous time.
      • Median Home Price: $253k
    • Mount Juliet

      • In 2010 Mount Juliet was named as Tennessee's #1 "Most Business Friendly City" by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. Affordable, clean, well governed and prosperous, it has seen exponential population and business growth over the last decade, and over 25,000 residents now call Mount Juliet home. "Gateway" to the Appalachians and the Atlantic seaboard, Mt. Juliet is bordered by I-40, I-24, I-65 and SR-840.
      • Median Home Price: $238k
    • Murfreesboro

      • In 1817, "Murfreesboro" was recognized as an official city by the State Legislature and, in 1818, was named the capital of Tennessee because of its central location. Today Murfreesboro is the fastest growing city in the state, and it's not hard to see why: plentiful housing, excellent schools, employment opportunities, outstanding services, recreational programs and regional medical facilities.
      • Median Home Price: $192k
    • Nolensville

      • William Nolen, his wife, Sarah, and their five children were passing through the area in 1797 when their wagon wheel broke. Forced to stop and survey his surroundings, Nolen noted the rich soil and abundance of natural resources, and decided to make Nolensville his home.
      • Median Home Price: $295k
    • Portland

      • Portland is a rural community of 10,046 residents, located in northern middle Tennessee, just five miles south of the Kentucky border. This proud and progressive community offers affordable housing, many fine churches and civic organizations, great schools, and excellent parks and recreational facilities.
      • Median Home Price: $143k
    • Smyrna

      • Smyrna is a progressive community with a population of 40,000. It's a town with friendly, hardworking people who enjoy an excellent quality of life and has become a place that's vitally alive and heading in new directions, without sacrificing past successes. There are a number of projects in the planning stages, or actually underway, which are contributing to the ever-changing dynamics in this community.
      • Median Home Price: $184k
    • Spring Hill

      • Spring Hill is located 30 miles South of Nashville, Tennessee and situated in Maury and Williamson Counties. It boasts of rich historical sites, lush farmland, businesses, industry and booming residential growth. The first settlers of Spring Hill arrived in 1808, and the city was established in 1809. Albert Russell was the first to build a home on the land that became Spring Hill.
      • Median Home Price: $237k
    • Thompson's Station

      • Amid the rolling hills and pastoral countryside of Middle Tennessee, the inviting Town of Thompson's Station is a great place to live. Steeped in history, from its earliest settlers in 1780, to the stirring Battle of Thompson's Station to a stop along Tennessee's Great Train Trail, the town's tranquil environment and convivial atmosphere is worlds apart from hectic urban lifestyles.
      • Median Home Price: $253k
    • Watertown

      • Historic Watertown is comprised of people who celebrate Watertown's history and encourage growth and economic development. The community is dedicated to collecting and preserving the material culture and genealogy that illustrates the story of the city and people. It is a non-profit 501(c), incorporated in January 1991. Its mission is to preserve and rehabilitate the rich architectural heritage of the City of Watertown.
      • Median Home Price: $149k
    • Westmoreland

      • Settlement in the Westmoreland area is generally thought to have begun in the early 1800's, with the majority of the early settlers arriving between the years 1805 to 1820. In 1901, Westmoreland became an incorporated town. The famed "Little Tunnel", the shortest railroad tunnel in the world, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places and lies just south of town.
      • Median Home Price: $113k
    • White House

      • White House is a growing city that offers a friendly, small town feel. With many social groups and recreational opportunities, it offers something for everyone and an experience with services that continually enhance the community's quality of life.
      • Median Home Price: $192k

    By and large, we are a repertoire where the past, present, and future peacefully coexist and shape off one another to create a home destination appealing to the interests of every community member; sure, a plethora of publications like films, books, songs are dedicated in our honor, but none may justify what it's like to LIVE here. We are alive, healthy, strong, and show no signs of slowing down. Behold, the 2013 rankings for Nashville and Tennessee...

    #1 in "Friendly and Wireless Coverage" (Travel + Leisure)
    #1 in "Top State for Retirement" (
    #2 in "Best Cities for Jobs" (Forbes)
    #2 in "Best U.S. Cities for Affordable Getaways" (Travel + Leisure)
    #2 in "Music Scene, Safety, and Affordability" (Travel + Leisure)
    #2 in "National List for Hotel Meeting Spaces" (CVent Supplier Network)
    #3 in "America's Favorite Cities" (Travel + Leisure)
    #3 in "Girlfriend Getaways" (Travel + Leisure)
    #5 in "Best City for Young Entrepreneurs" (
    #6 in "Friendliest Cities to Small Businesses" (
    #6 in "America'ss Most Attractive People" (Travel + Leisure)
    #7 in "Top 25 Most Romantic Cities" (OpenTable)
    #8 in "Fastest-growing Cities" (U-Haul)
    #10 in "Cities Attracting the Most IT Jobs" (
    #10 in "Big Cities Winning the Battle for Information Jobs" (Forbes)
    #15 in "Job Growth" (Area Development)
    #27 in "Best-performing Large Cities" (Milken Institute)
    "One of America's Best Karaoke Bars" (Travel + Leisure)
    "One of the 5 Must-See Cities to Visit in 2013" (Conde Nast)
    "One of Top 5 CVB Apps that Go Beyond the Norm" (Smart Meetings)
    "One of the 7 Up-and-Coming Food Cities Around the U.S." (Zagat)
    "One of the 10 Great Cities to Start a Business" (Kiplinger's)
    "One of Top 10 Steakhouses in the U.S. 2013" (Gayot)
    "One of Top 10 Culture Cities" (
    "One of Top 10 Best Fireworks Displays in the Country" (Forbes)
    "One of Top 10 Urban Places to Retire" (NerdWallet)
    "One of Top 10 Counties Nationally for Job, Wage Growth" (Federal figures)
    "One of Top 10 Best U.S. Cities for Tech Jobs" (Mashable Business)
    "One of Top 10 Budget Destinations" (Fox News)
    "One of Top 10 Best Cities to Work" (Quantum Workplace)
    "One of Top 12 American Boomtowns" (Bloomberg)
    "America's New Boomtown" (AOL)
    "Biggest July 4th Shows in America" (Huffington Post)
    "Best Music Venues in America - Venues That Rock" (Rolling Stone)
    "Best Big Rooms in America - Venues That Rock" (Rolling Stone)
    "Best Music Scene" (Rolling Stone)
    "Best New Chefs" (Food & Wine)
    "Destinations to Watch in 2013" (Yahoo! Travel)
    "Four-Star Award in 2013" (Forbes)
    "Most Competitive States" (Site Selection)
    "7 Affordable Destinations for 2013" (Fodor's)
    "7 Most Entertaining Airports in the World" (CNN)
    "13 Places You Need to Visit in 2013" (Business Insider)
    "One of the Best River Towns in America" (Outside Online)
    "Among Most Hipster-Friendly" (Travel + Leisure)
    "One of the Top Places to Retire" (Where to Retire)

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